Third Option

UX/UI Interactive Storytelling

third option computer screen

Spring 2020


Project Overview
When I started this project, I thought about my nutrition education as a kid. I realized I had no idea who was in charge of it. Who decided what I was taught was a healthy diet? I thought it would mainly be the FDA but, turns out it's actually massive food & beverage companies like Mars, Coca–Cola, Unilever, Kelloggs, General Mills, Nestle, PepsiCo, P&G, Kraft and Johnson&Johnson.
Role: Designer
The current view on nutrition is generally all things in moderation, but it has come to my attention that's only the default thanks to lobbying from these companies and many others. Lobbying is the key to massive food and beverage corporations controlling what people are taught is a nutritious diet. But lobbying is complicated and frankly boring if you're not interested in the subject matter.
Visualize food industry lobbing techniques without overwhelming the audience by creating an interactive storytelling experience where the player’s choice reflects lobbying techniques.

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