Tackling a rebrand

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Winter 2020


Project Overview
Attention Homes has been helping young people transform their lives for the past 55 years. The organization has served over 12,000 young people through the decades and continues to grow. With this growth comes a new brand identity to accurately reflect the hard work young people in our programs put in each and every day: TGTHR (Together).
Role: Designer
As a client of One K Creative, Attention Homes asked us to update existing collateral to reflect the new brand and create some new merchandise options such as t-shirts, hats, water bottles, and stickers.
Using the new TGTHR brand guidelines I designed: business cards, letterheads, envelopes, pens, and the various merchandise options they requested. Overall, this was an incredible departure from their previous identity and not the type of brand I was used to working on with all of the various spray paint-esque textures and hand drawn elements. The new identity is energetic, empowering, and if not implemented correctly, visually overwhelming. The challenge I faced during this project was constantly walking the line between energetic and overwhelming. I utilized white space to allow the more playful elements room to breathe and kept the color combinations of the various strokes and spray paint marks fairly tight.

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