A digital tool for collecting first person narratives.

Soapbox field user screens

Summer 2020


Project Overview
During my time with One K Creative, the founder & creative director brought me onto an internal project that she had been thinking on for some time, but had been brought to the forefront due to the global COVID-19 crisis. One K largely focuses on human centric design and the pandemic brought into focus the difficulty with which we can currently capture and share simple first person accounts of complex social experiences.
Role: UI Designer
The pandemic has highlighted a need to unravel the complexity of the human experience through individual stories, to democratize data collection, to safeguard and share the first person accounts which can collectively inform future decision making.
To solve this problem One K is building a digital platform to capture and share first person narratives of complex global experiences. This platform will allow users to capture, tag, and categorize content consistently across staff members, communities, and countries while contributing it to an organization-level library. I was brought on to build the wireframe of both the field user recording the first person narratives and the web admin side where all of the data would live. The goal for this stage of the project was to present the wireframe during grant proposals and receive the funding to develop a minimum viable product. A current MVP is in development by University of Colorado students.

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