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Summer 2019


Project Overview
Monigle tasked their summer interns with creating a thought piece on the lodging and accommodations space in the hospitality industry. Our goal was to provide insight for the Monigle team and create a deliverable that could be leveraged internally and externally to pursue hospitality clients.
Role: Concept & Execution of Digital Presentation
Find a way to visualize all of the research and findings from our data and strategy intern teams in order to create a client facing presentation.
We were instructed to work within the Monigle brand and use their voice in order to make the final product something they could use. The other design intern and I knew we wanted to create a printed and, most importantly, mailable piece along with an interactive digital presentation. The idea of a door hanger, influenced by the hotel concept, and an easily shareable Readymag presentation made up the deliverables. For the digital side, the presentation layout was inspired by the company’s annual report about the healthcare industry. The book, Humanizing Brand Experience, was largely photo based with subtle type interactions. From there I created Monty Python—esque photo animations mostly focusing on wordplay to entertain the audience and keep their attention. And it worked! The overall feedback on the project was that we killed it and exceeded all expectations.

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