UGA Entrepreneurship Program Visual Identity

Logo on wall

Spring 2019


Project Overview
In February of 2019, I had the opportunity to become a student designer for the Entrepreneurship Program at UGA. My first project was to conduct a brand refresh because the program had an issue with the old ENTR mark. As a bit of background, the name 'ENTR' comes from the course codes of the entrepreneurship classes. For example, ENTR 5505 is the code for Entrepreneurial Finance.
Role: Identity Designer
Old logo was causing issues, so I was tasked with refreshing it to better fit the direction the program wanted to go in.
The idea of students making their mark in the world was a key concept of the program, so I translated the idea of a mark into the identity by playing on the registered trademark symbol. In order to avoid confusion with the registered trademark symbol, I included ‘Entrepreneurship Program’ in the circle. I decided to use the Roboto typeface because it's open source and would prevent the program from having any legal trouble with their identity. The colors shown here are the traditional colors of UGA and adhere to the brand guidelines set by the university. The logo was installed in the new Entrepreneurship building as a featured mural on the basement wall and is placed on collateral pieces produced by the program.


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