Access Granted

Colorado Nonprofit Conference 2020

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Fall 2020


Project Overview
For this project, I was tasked with building out the conference website via Squarespace, creating motion graphics to support the Access Granted identity, and designing social content.
Role: Assistant Designer
Due to COVID-19, a lot of companies pivoted to hosting their conferences and gatherings virtually. For Colorado Nonprofit and One K Creative that meant finding a way to create a new digital experience delivering intimate, online access to industry trailblazers, panel discussions, networking, and so much more.
Access Granted: a one-of-a-kind digital experience. When I was presented with the identity from the lead designer, I was excited by the many possible animation routes this mark allowed for. However, I knew this shape was the primary mark for Access Granted and thus had to be used across a variety of applications, so the motion also needed to be simple and not distracting. To achieve this, I created three animation elements to be used in the brand: a combined, a dot oscillation, and a simple rotation. The combined animation would serve as the main motion graphic for the identity, the dot oscillation would be for the speaker headshots, and the rotation element would play a supporting role throughout the website and social content.

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